Companies providing Wellness Programs for their employees are cutting edge. Statistics show that employees who participate in these programs become not only healthier, but also more productive and motivated both at work and in their everyday lives. 

In addition to being healthier, happier and more productive, wellness programs have a direct impact on company health care costs. When employees are healthy and motivated, they tend to rely less on costly programs such as disability insurance and sick leave.

This year I designed an 8 week Corporate "Wellness Challenge" for Future POS, Inc. in Butler Pennsylvania. With over 90% participation company wide the initiative was a great success.


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The group lost an average of  just over 5.7 pounds per person in the 8 weeks, with an average 5.2% reduction in body fat per person! Previously underused, the company has a state of the art private gym onsite which is now busier then ever!

Through individual Personal training, I continue to provide wellness support to employees.

I look forward to customizing a wellness program that works for your company's needs and budgets.